Monday, May 18, 2015


2015 05 18 "Bread" #OW

Bread is baked flour.

Bread  looks like a loaf of bread or slices of bread or a sandwich.

Bread sounds like, "Mmm, this bread is delicious."

Bread smells like a warm toasty oven or a warm toasty toaster.

Bread feels like the outards of your sandwich.

Bread tastes like a chicken sandwich.

Rhymes with Bread: B beebread, BL blackbread, bred, brownbread, H highbread, homebred, wholewheat bread, HW white bread, I inbred, J gingerbread, KR crispbread, crossbred, L lowbred, O overbred, P pilot bread, pita bread, purebred, R raisin bread, S sourbread, SH shortbread, shortening bread, shewbread, SW sweetbread, TH thoroughbred, TR truebred, U unbred, underbred, W well-bred, Y yeast bread DED bediamonded, dead, diamonded, garlanded, heralded, jeoparded, shepherded DRED adread, dread

I like the taste of bread
It's the calories I dread
At least from what I've read
If you eat too much bread you'll wind up dead.