Thursday, May 07, 2015

Apple tree

2015 05 07 "Apple tree" #OW

Apple tree is a fruit-bearing plant.

Apple tree looks like any other tree except it grows apples.

Apple tree sounds like, "Timber!" unless it falls in a forest when there's no one around to hear it.

Apple tree smells like apple pie.

Apple tree feels like American Pie.

Apple tree tastes like wood!  It's the apples that taste like apples!

Rhymes with Apple tree: A ancestry, artistry, axletree, B barratry, bigotry, bijouterie, D deviltry, doubletree, E errantry, F physiolatry, forestry, G gallantry, gallows tree, gumtree, H harlotry, harvestry, HW whiffletree, whippletree, I idolatry, industry, infantry, J geometry, K chemistry, coquetry, coventry, KR craniometry

Do what you like under the Apple tree
Whatever you do is all the same to me
I've lost all interest in your harlotry
To Hell with you and all your deviltry!