Sunday, April 19, 2015


2015 04 19 "Zoopery" #OW

Zoopery is performing experiments on animals.

Rhymes with : summary, summery, SH chicanery, chilvary, charivari, shivaree, shivery, sugary, SK sculduddery, skullduggery, SL slavery, slippery, SN snuggery, ST stingaree, T Tartary, Terpsichore, testamentary, tomfoolery, TH theory, thievery, thundery, TR transferee, tracery, treachery, trickery, trumpery, U unsavory, upholstery, V vagary, vaccary, valedictory, vapory, W waggery, watery, wintery, witchery, Y yessirree, yeomanry, usury, Z zephyry, zythepsary,

Some might call sending monkeys into space unacceptable zoopery
To blast them to where no ape has gone before strikes folks as tomfoolery.
Exiling monkeys to Mars is considered outrageous skullduggery
I don't get that upset about it -- better them than me!