Saturday, April 25, 2015


2015 04 25 "Prophecy" #OW

Prophecy is a prediction for some future event of some presumed significance.

Prophecy looks like a confusting poem written on an old scroll.

Prophecy sounds like a sing-songy rhyme.

Prophecy smells like teen spirit.

Prophecy feels like impending doom.

Prophecy tastes like the must of the crypt.

Rhymes with Prophecy: promisee, proficiency, profligacy, proliferacy, prominency, promisee, R regency, regeneracy, recadency, recalcitrancy, recumbency, releasee, relevancy, renascency, renitency, repellency, resplendency, romancy, S Sadducee, saliency, sans souci, C, sea, see, seducee, secrecy, celibacy, sycophancy, sycee, sightsee, solvency, sonancy, subsistency, sufficiency, succulency, supremacy, surfacy, sycee, surgeoncy, ST stagnancy, T tangency, THC, tenancy, tendency, Tennessee, TH theocracy, TR truancy, truculency, U undersea, unforesee, urgency, V vagrancy, vacancy, valency, valiancy, verdancy, Y euphrasy

Girl, I'm your destiny -- your apogee -- your self-fulfilling prophecy
I'm love you long time -- with some proficiency
You like candy?  You like flowers?  I'm ALL romancy!
Together we'll wake up in a cabin in the mountains then travel east and have a romantic dinner by the sea...