Friday, April 24, 2015


2015 04 24 "Lunacy" #OW

Lunacy is insanity.

Lunacy looks like the Joker laughing hysterically.

Lunacy sounds like maniacal laughter.

Lunacy smells like fresh napalm in the morning.

Lunacy feels like letting go of your sanity.

Lunacy tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Lunacy: lambency, latency, legacy, legitimacy, leniency, leprosy, lessee, licensee, literacy, luxuriancy, lucency, M magistracy, malignancy, minstrelsy, mordancy, N nascency, negligency, nomancy, normalcy, O obduracy, obstinacy, Odyssey, omnipotency, oscitancy, autopsy, oversea, oversee, P papacy, Parsee, peccancy, pendency, penitency, permanency, petulancy, piquancy, piracy, poesy, poignancy, policy, potency, pungency, pernancy, PL pleurisy, pliancy, PR pregnancy, prelacy, preponderancy, précis, primacy, privacy

Some say all-out nuclear war is lunacy
For others it's an idyllic fantasy
A vehicle for storytelling of great poignancy
For some authors writing about the apocalypse is their only enduring legacy.