Wednesday, April 08, 2015


2015 04 08 "Hehee" #OW

Hehee is the sound of laughter.

Hehee sounds like a giggle.

Rhymes with :  duty-free, enfree, fancy-free, free, heart-free, carefree, unfree  ghee, whangee, muggee, Portugee, thuggee  glee  agree, degree, disagree, filigree, grigri, mistigris, pedigree, puggree, third degree  bohea, he, takahe, tehee  whee  A agee, algae, allergy, analogy, anthropology, apogee, apology, astrology, B bacteriology, bargee, biology, burgee, D dactylology, demology, demonology, dermatology, dilogy, dyslogy, doxology, E effigy, ecology, elegy, embryology, MSG, endocrinology, energy, epistemology, ethnology, ethology, F physiology, Fuji, G galiongee, J JPG, G, gee, genealogy, geology, K cardiology, KR criminology, chronology, cryptology, L laryngology, lethargy, liturgy, M metallurgy, misology, mortgagee, morphology, mythology, N nomology, neurology, O obligee, ophthalmology, ogee, onycophagy, otology, P pathology, panurgy, perigee, pili, pongee, PL pledgee, PR prodigy, proctology, R refugee, S salvagee, psychology, psychurgy, sylloge, synergy, syzygy, sociology, SH shoji, SKW squeegee, STR strategy, T THG, telenergy, telurgy, typology, TH theurgy, TR trilogy, U eulogy, Z zymurgy, zoology

Tweedle Dum let out a little tehee,
Tweedle Dee frowned, "Why are you laughing at me?!"
Dum responded, "It's not you -- I was thinking about the squeegee!
Anyway, I'm foot loose and fancy free, so stop giving me the third degree!"