Thursday, April 23, 2015


2015 04 23 "GMC" #OW

GMC is the General Motors Corporation.

GMC looks like an old Impala lowrider.

GMC sounds like, "Vroom, vroom."

GMC smells like new car smell.

GMC feels like riding down the highway.

GMC tastes like burning rubber.

Rhymes with : irritancy, J jactancy, jealousy, K cadency, candidacy, captaincy, cogency, colonelcy, competency, compliancy, confederacy, conservancy, consistency, consonancy, conspiracy, constancy, constituency, conveniency, corespondency, corpulency, courtesy, curacy, KL clemency, cliency, KR Christmasy,

Some folks swear by GMC
They see a new Caddy and feel pangs of jealousy
If they can't get a new one they feel they're victims of a conspiracy
Give those folks a Prius -- just as a courtesy.