Thursday, April 02, 2015


2015 04 02 "Garage" #OW

Garage is a place for storing or servicing motor vehicles.

Garage looks like a square building with lots of storage space.

Garage sounds like mechanics tools whirring.

Garage smells like grease and motor oil.

Garage feels like money going out of your wallet to pay the mechanic to fix your car.

Garage tastes like something you shouldn't be putting in your mouth.

Rhymes with Garage:  peage bavardage, sondage staffage camouflage, marouflage, persiflage bocage, carucage fuselage, collage, moulage badinage, cabotinage, espionage, griffonage, counterespionage, ménage découpage plage barrage, effleurage, entourage, mirage, raj, swataj

Today I avoided the garage
Replaced my brakes in the driveway and used the old pads to make a collage
Now my brakes don't squeal and my car's tricked out for espionage.
I can sneak right up behind you and join your entourage.