Wednesday, April 22, 2015


2015 04 22 "Galaxy" #OW

A galaxy is a large collection of stars, planets, comets, other bodies, and mostly empty space.

Galaxy looks like a Milky Way candy bar.

Galaxy sounds like starsong.

Galaxy smells like ozone.

Galaxy feels like the enormity of the universe.

Galaxy tastes like chocolate and caramel.

Rhymes with : H heresy, hesitancy, hypocrisy, Holy See, I idiocy, idiosyncrasy, illiteracy, immaculacy, immediacy, impendency, impenitency, impermanency, impertinacy, importunacy, impudency, inadequacy, inadvertency, inaccuracy, indelicacy, independency, indecency, inebriacy, inefficacy, infancy, inclemency, incompetency, inconsistency, incipiency, insufficiency, insurgency, intestacy, intimacy, intricacy, irradiancy, irrelevancy

Welcome to the galaxy
It's a home for you and me
It's so big you'll never grasp it's infinity
Subtle and nuanced, full of delicate intricacy.