Tuesday, April 07, 2015


2015 04 07 "Flea" #OW

Flea is a tiny bug.

Flea looks like a tiny bug.

Flea sounds like a slight ringing in your ear that you're not sure is there.

Flea smells like dung.

Flea feels like a tiny bug.

Flea tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with : C.O.D., subsidy, SH Chef Boyardee, SP spondee, ST standee, TH theody, THR threnody, TR tragedy, tripody, TW Tweedledee, V vendee dree, heraldry  A ach-y-fi, anaglyphy, antistrophe, apostrophe, atrophy, B biographee, biography, D dactylography, dystrophy, E ethnography, F fee, phi, feoffee, philosophy, photography, H hagiography, J geography, K catastrophe, coryphee, KR cryptography, M misophy, P paleography, pornography, R ratafee, STR strophe, T tachygraphy, telegraphy, topography, TH theosophy, Y uranography, Z xyloglyphy, xylography, flee

Are you really trying to tell me that what you see is a flea?
What you're trying to sell me is that this flea is a reason to flee?
I think you're ignorant about topography -- don't know much about geography
'Cuz where in the world could we go that a flea won't be?!