Tuesday, April 21, 2015


2015 04 21 "Fantasy" #OW

Fantasy is make-believe.

Fantasy looks like Rapunzel letting down her hair.

Fantasy sounds like "Magical Mystery Tour" by the Beatles.

Fantasy smells like pumpkin pie.

Fantasy feels like a happy ending.

Fantasy tastes like that same pumpkin pie, with real whipped cream on top.

Rhymes with : dependency, diplomacy, discordancy, discourtesy, discrepancy, divorcee, E effeminacy, efficiency, expectancy, expediency, excellency, ecstasy, embassy, emcee, emergency, endorsee, episcopacy, F fallacy, Pharisee, pharmacy, farci, federacy, femcee, fervency, foresee, FL flagrancy, flatulency, flippancy, fluency, FR fragrancy, frequency, fricassee

You could be my fantasy
Come and take a trip with me.
I'm not saying it's an emergency.
But I feel some urgency and I want you with some fervency!