Saturday, April 11, 2015


2015 04 11 "Economy" #OW

The economy is the sum total of all the business, agricultural and work activity of a system.  It can also refer to working to save money.

Rhymes with : A agronomy, academy, alchemy, anatomy, anthroponomy, antimony, appendectomy, astronomy, atomy, B balsamy, bigamy, bonhomie, BL blasphemy, blossomy, D dichotomy, dittamy, deuterogamy, Deuteronomy, endogamy, enemy, epitome, F physiognomy, FL phlebotomy, I infamy, J jessamy, K confirmee, L lobotomy, M me, mi, monogamy, N neurotomy, O occamy, autonomy, P polygamy, S syntomy, sodomy, T taxonomy, teknonymy, Ptolemy, TH thermae, TR trichotomy, Z zootomy

She doesn't use two words when one will do -- she speaks with economy
She's not one to quote Bible verses, but she knows her Deuteronomy
She's friendly to everyone -- but trust me -- don't make her your enemy
She's a real self-starter -- one word I'd use to describe her is autonomy.