Monday, April 06, 2015


2015 04 06 "DVD" #OW

DVD stands for digital video disc.

Rhymes with : A accidie, B BVD, B and D, bastardy, Burgundy, CH Chaldee, chickadee, D D, Dee, D.D., dipody, dispondee, WMD, F fiddlededee, fundee, GR grandee, H hymnody, I ID J jeopardy, K Chaldee, killdee, comedy, custodee, custody, L L.L.D., Lombardy, M M.D., malady, melody, monody, N Normandy, O OCD, organdy, P parody, perfidy, Ph.D., Picardy, PR prosody, R R and D, rhapsody, remedy, S psalmody

You know me -- I'm a wait for the DVD
Why spend the money to go to the theater for a lame-ass comedy
If you disagree, well, fiddledeedee
Goin' to the movie your damn self is your remedy!