Friday, April 03, 2015


2015 04 03 "Corsage" #OW

Corsage is a decorative flower to be placed on the breast or wrist.

Corsage looks like a rose or daisy or whatever.

Corsage sounds like a prom invitation.

Corsage smells like a rose or daisy or whatever.

Corsage feels like teen spirit.

Corsage tastes like spinach.

Rhymes with Corsage: massage, saj, vernissage d├ęcolletage, photomontage, frottage, cabotage, curettage, matelotage, montage, potage, reportage, sabotage, taj arbitrage esclavage, gavage, lavage maquillage, torpillage

I admit I was dreaming when I gave you that corsage
Envisioning you giving me a lusty massage
Slyly shyly admiring your d├ęcolletage
But at the prom that night my fantasies were laid waste by your ex-boyfriend's sabotage.