Sunday, April 05, 2015


2015 04 05 "Bumblebee" #OW

Bumblebee is a small flying insect.

Bumblebee looks like a little flying bug.

Bumblebee sounds like, "Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzzzzzz!"

Bumblebee smells like flowers.

Bumblebee feels like a sharp sting.

Bumblebee tastes like honey.

Rhymes with : A advowee, amicus, curiae, arrowy, B B and E, billowy, D Danae, diploƫ, DR drawee, E E, F facetiae, furrowy, I interviewee, J GRE, K cooee, M meadowy, mildewy, minutiae, P payee, pillowy, R reliquiae, S sinewy, SH shadowy, W willowy A A.B., Araby, B baby, B, be, bee, B and B, bawbee, BR bribee, FR Frisbee, H honeybee, humblebee, J jacoby, jambee, GHB, K Koochahbee, KW queen bee, N Niobe, R and B, S sassaby, cenoby, SK scarabee, W wallaby blea abris, barleybree, bree, Brie, debris, vertebrae chee, chee-chee, chincherinchee, debauchee, litchi, vouchee

Beware the flight of the bumblebee!
Ask not for whom it stings!  It stingeth thee!
The bumblebee don't care that your breasts are pillowy
Just run for cover -- take it from me!