Monday, April 20, 2015


2015 04 20 "Bankruptcy" #OW

Bankruptcy is being so poor you can't pay your bills.

Bankruptcy looks like a stack of past due bills.

Bankruptcy sounds like, "Oh, I need more money."

Bankruptcy smells like desperation.

Bankruptcy feels like being to broke to poke.

Bankruptcy tastes like spam.

Rhymes with Bankruptcy: ABC, abbacy, abstinency, adequacy, addressee, advocacy, agency, accountancy, acceptancy, accuracy, apostasy, ardency, argosy, aristocracy, asea, assie, ascendancy, assessee, assis, B Baltic Sea, BBC, belligerency, big C, buoyancy, BL blatancy, BR brilliancy, CH China Sea, D Debussy, delegacy, delicacy, delinquency, democracy

Is a failure of accountancy
It's not a problem for the aristocracy
Just po' folks like you and me.