Wednesday, April 15, 2015


2015 04 15 "Bakery" #OW

Bakery is a place where bread and other items are baked.

Bakery looks like hot crossed buns, cakes, cupcakes and croissants.

Bakery sounds like coffee cups on saucers as the pot is refilling the cup.

Bakery smells like fresh bread.

Bakery feels like a busy city with lots of customers coming and going.

Bakery tastes like cupcakes.

Rhymes with Bakery: adultery, alimentary, anniversary, archery, armory, artery, artillery, B bainmarie, Barbary, battery, beggary, bijouterie, boree, bottomry, boundary, BR bravery, bribery, brodery, broidery, CH chancery, chickaree, chicory, D debauchery, delivery, demonry, devilry, diary, directory, discovery, dissatisfactory, dissuasory, dungaree, DR drapery, drudgery, E effrontery, equerry, extempore, extrasensory, elementary, elusory, embroidery, enginery, F factory, faerie

Old Salem has a bakery
Moravian sugar bread tastes great to me
It's a good place to buy treats for a birthday or anniversary
It tastes so good it feels like debauchery!