Tuesday, April 14, 2015


2015 04 14 "ASAP" #OW

ASAP is an acronym for "as soon as possible."

Rhymes with ASAP: agape, allotropy, apocope, CH chick-pea, D diacope, E entropy, epopee, escapee, F philanthropy, physianthropy, H hydrotherapy, I ISP, J jalopy, K calipee, calliope, canopy, cap-a-pie, cowpea, M metope, microscopy, misanthropy, P P, pea, pee, penotherapy, P2P, R R.S.V.P., rapee, rappee, recipe, rupee, S psychotherapy, SH charpie, T tapis, tepee, teratoscopy, topee, toupee, TH thalassotherapy, therapy, V VIP, W wampee, Y yippee, Z zomotherapy

I need to see you ASAP
Don't disregard me -- I'm a VIP
I'm the bomb and you're my little chickadee
So come and hit me up in my teepee!