Thursday, April 09, 2015


2015 04 10 "Anomaly" #OW

An anomaly is an outlier, something that happens that is not expected to happen.

Rhymes with Anomaly: advisedly, alee, Annabel Lee, appellee, B bailee, belee, D diastole, E enrollee, F facsimile, FL fleur-de-lis, G Galilee, H homily, hyperbole, I infulae, Italy, J jubilee, L lapis lazuli, lee, li, libelee, M mallee, P parolee, S Cybele, Sicily, simile, systole, SH shirallee, SK skillagalee, TH Thermopylae, Thessaly

You might think my love for you is an anomaly
Or not the real thing -- just a facsimile
But I tell you true -- it's not hyperbole
I'll buy you candy -- give you flowers -- you like lapis lazuli?