Thursday, April 09, 2015


2015 04 09 "Anarchy" #OW

Anarchy is chaos, freedom from the restraints of civilization.

Rhymes with Anarchy: Bacchae, CH Cherokee, G garlicky, H hillocky, hummocky, K cay, key, chi, colicky, quay, L latchkey, M maquis, Manichee, marquee, master key, monarchy, naumochy, P panicky, passkey, R raki, S synarchy, synecdoche, T turnkey, TH thelymachy, TR trochee, W Waikiki, Z xenodochy decree, Cree, cushlamochree KW? BL blandiloquy, BR breviloquy, D dentiloquy, dulciloquy, FL flexiloquy, G gastriloquy, I inauiloquy, K colloquy, M multiloquy, O obloquy, P pectoroloquy, PL pleniloquy, S sanctiloquy, soliloquy, somniloquy, ST stultiloquy, SW suaviloquy, T tolutiloquy, TR tristiloquy, V vaniloquy, veritriloquy, veriloquy

That time I had pneumonia my lungs were in anarchy
Thought I'd cough up a lung 'cause I was so colicky
Fighting for each breath made me all panicky
Till I learned to go to my happy place on the beaches of Waikiki.