Sunday, April 12, 2015


2015 04 12 "Albany" #OW

Albany is the capital city of New York City

Rhymes with Albany: A abandonee, aborigine, Agapemone, agony, accompany, alienee, aknee, anemone, Antigone, assignee, B balcony, bargainee, barony, Bimini, bouquet garni, botany, BR bryony, CH Chinee, designee, destiny, dysphony, distrainee, dominie, donee, E ebony, examinee, epiphany, F felony, G Gethsemane, GL gluttony, GW guarani, Guarani, H harmony, hegemony, I ignominy, irony, J Japanee, Germany, jinni, K cacophony, clumny, kidney, kitcheny, koine, colony, company, consignee, cottony, cushiony, KR crimsony, L laryngophony, litany, M macaroni, mahogany, Melpomene,

I've been to Manhattan but never to Albany
I'm sure the choirs there sing in harmony
And all the fancy dining rooms have tables and chairs of mahogany
And downtown during rush hour is some kind of cacophony
If I ever went there I could verify my epiphany --
but that's just not worth the hassle to me!