Thursday, April 30, 2015


2015 04 30 "Goatee" #OW

Goatee is a form of facial hair.

Goatee  looks like a vee on the chin.

Goatee sounds like hair rubbing a balloon.

Goatee smells like hair.

Goatee feels like a brillo pad.

Goatee tastes like hair.

Rhymes with Goatee: FR fragility, fraternity, frigidity, frivolity, frugality, G gaiety, garrulity, giftee, guarantee, guaranty, GR gratuity, gravity, H hatchety, heredity, high tea, hilarity, hospitality, hostility, humanity, humidity, humility, I identity, imbecility, immaturity, immensity, immodesty, immorality, immortality, immunity, imparity, impassivity, impecuniosity, impetuosity, impiety, importunity, impropriety, impunity, impurity, inability, indignity, individuality, inductee

On me you'll never see a goatee
I'm not a member of the goatee fraternity
I consider a goatee frivolity
Slap a goatee on me -- be repaid with hostility!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


2015 04 29 "Dishonesty" #OW

Dishonesty is like not being honest, lying by omission, or outright lying.

Dishonesty looks like me shaking my head no when you ask me if you look fat in those jeans.

Dishonesty sounds like, "Yes, dear."

Dishonesty smells like Lysol in a filthy house.

Dishonesty feels like implants.

Dishonesty tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Dishonesty: devotee, dignity, dimity, dynasty, disparity, dissimilarity, distributee, diversity, divinity, domesticity, docility, dubiety, duplicity, DR draftee, E SAT, extremity, equality, equanimity, equity, elasticity, electee, electricity, enmity, enormity, entity, eternity, E.T., F facticity, faculty, falsity, familiarity, facility, fatality, fatuity, fecundity, felicity, ferocity, fertility, festivity, fidelity, fidgety, fixity, formality, fortuity, futility, futurity

It fills me with futility -- all this dishonesty
It shreds your dignity when you outright lie to me
I scoff at your duplicity -- your moral compass has such elasticity
It's not enough to say you're full of shit -- that understates the enormity
Of your lies!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


2015 04 28 "Brevity" #OW

Brevity is the soul of wit.

Rhymes with Brevity: amputee, anxiety, animosity, anonymity, antiquity, annuity, applicability, appointee, aridity, acerbity, acidity, assiduity, asperity, attensity, atrocity, avidity, B barbarity, benignity, biggety, bootee, Brevitybrutality, CH changeability, charity, chastity, D debility, dedicatee, deformity, deity, dexterity, dextrality, density, deportee, depravity, deputy


Monday, April 27, 2015


2015 04 27 "Absurdity" #OW

Absurdity is stuff that is nonsensical, like the works of Dr. Seuss.

Rhymes with Absurdity: ability, absentee, absorptivity, adaptability, adversity, advisability, affability, affinity, agility, acclivity, acridity, activity, actuality, alacrity, allottee, ambiguity, amenability, amenity, amiability, amicability, amity, amnesty

Sometimes you gotta roll with the absurdity
Just chillax and break out  your adaptability
It's a way to overcome adversity
'Cause you don't always know the correct answer and you're better off to embrace the ambiguity.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


2015 04 26 "She" #OW

She is her.

She looks like her.

She sounds like her.

She smells like her.

She feels like her.

She tastes like her.

Rhymes with She: banshee, buckshee, debauchee, flourishy, garnishee, kamichi, rubbishy, shea, shee, sidhe, ski, chichi sri hydroski, ski scree smee snee, snickersnee bel esprit, esprit, joie d’esprit, jeu d’esprit, spree mestee, mustee

She likes to ski
She likes to sing like a banshee
She likes to live with joie d’esprit
She likes to tantalize me.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


2015 04 25 "Prophecy" #OW

Prophecy is a prediction for some future event of some presumed significance.

Prophecy looks like a confusting poem written on an old scroll.

Prophecy sounds like a sing-songy rhyme.

Prophecy smells like teen spirit.

Prophecy feels like impending doom.

Prophecy tastes like the must of the crypt.

Rhymes with Prophecy: promisee, proficiency, profligacy, proliferacy, prominency, promisee, R regency, regeneracy, recadency, recalcitrancy, recumbency, releasee, relevancy, renascency, renitency, repellency, resplendency, romancy, S Sadducee, saliency, sans souci, C, sea, see, seducee, secrecy, celibacy, sycophancy, sycee, sightsee, solvency, sonancy, subsistency, sufficiency, succulency, supremacy, surfacy, sycee, surgeoncy, ST stagnancy, T tangency, THC, tenancy, tendency, Tennessee, TH theocracy, TR truancy, truculency, U undersea, unforesee, urgency, V vagrancy, vacancy, valency, valiancy, verdancy, Y euphrasy

Girl, I'm your destiny -- your apogee -- your self-fulfilling prophecy
I'm love you long time -- with some proficiency
You like candy?  You like flowers?  I'm ALL romancy!
Together we'll wake up in a cabin in the mountains then travel east and have a romantic dinner by the sea...

Friday, April 24, 2015


2015 04 24 "Lunacy" #OW

Lunacy is insanity.

Lunacy looks like the Joker laughing hysterically.

Lunacy sounds like maniacal laughter.

Lunacy smells like fresh napalm in the morning.

Lunacy feels like letting go of your sanity.

Lunacy tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Lunacy: lambency, latency, legacy, legitimacy, leniency, leprosy, lessee, licensee, literacy, luxuriancy, lucency, M magistracy, malignancy, minstrelsy, mordancy, N nascency, negligency, nomancy, normalcy, O obduracy, obstinacy, Odyssey, omnipotency, oscitancy, autopsy, oversea, oversee, P papacy, Parsee, peccancy, pendency, penitency, permanency, petulancy, piquancy, piracy, poesy, poignancy, policy, potency, pungency, pernancy, PL pleurisy, pliancy, PR pregnancy, prelacy, preponderancy, précis, primacy, privacy

Some say all-out nuclear war is lunacy
For others it's an idyllic fantasy
A vehicle for storytelling of great poignancy
For some authors writing about the apocalypse is their only enduring legacy.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


2015 04 23 "GMC" #OW

GMC is the General Motors Corporation.

GMC looks like an old Impala lowrider.

GMC sounds like, "Vroom, vroom."

GMC smells like new car smell.

GMC feels like riding down the highway.

GMC tastes like burning rubber.

Rhymes with : irritancy, J jactancy, jealousy, K cadency, candidacy, captaincy, cogency, colonelcy, competency, compliancy, confederacy, conservancy, consistency, consonancy, conspiracy, constancy, constituency, conveniency, corespondency, corpulency, courtesy, curacy, KL clemency, cliency, KR Christmasy,

Some folks swear by GMC
They see a new Caddy and feel pangs of jealousy
If they can't get a new one they feel they're victims of a conspiracy
Give those folks a Prius -- just as a courtesy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


2015 04 22 "Galaxy" #OW

A galaxy is a large collection of stars, planets, comets, other bodies, and mostly empty space.

Galaxy looks like a Milky Way candy bar.

Galaxy sounds like starsong.

Galaxy smells like ozone.

Galaxy feels like the enormity of the universe.

Galaxy tastes like chocolate and caramel.

Rhymes with : H heresy, hesitancy, hypocrisy, Holy See, I idiocy, idiosyncrasy, illiteracy, immaculacy, immediacy, impendency, impenitency, impermanency, impertinacy, importunacy, impudency, inadequacy, inadvertency, inaccuracy, indelicacy, independency, indecency, inebriacy, inefficacy, infancy, inclemency, incompetency, inconsistency, incipiency, insufficiency, insurgency, intestacy, intimacy, intricacy, irradiancy, irrelevancy

Welcome to the galaxy
It's a home for you and me
It's so big you'll never grasp it's infinity
Subtle and nuanced, full of delicate intricacy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


2015 04 21 "Fantasy" #OW

Fantasy is make-believe.

Fantasy looks like Rapunzel letting down her hair.

Fantasy sounds like "Magical Mystery Tour" by the Beatles.

Fantasy smells like pumpkin pie.

Fantasy feels like a happy ending.

Fantasy tastes like that same pumpkin pie, with real whipped cream on top.

Rhymes with : dependency, diplomacy, discordancy, discourtesy, discrepancy, divorcee, E effeminacy, efficiency, expectancy, expediency, excellency, ecstasy, embassy, emcee, emergency, endorsee, episcopacy, F fallacy, Pharisee, pharmacy, farci, federacy, femcee, fervency, foresee, FL flagrancy, flatulency, flippancy, fluency, FR fragrancy, frequency, fricassee

You could be my fantasy
Come and take a trip with me.
I'm not saying it's an emergency.
But I feel some urgency and I want you with some fervency!

Monday, April 20, 2015


2015 04 20 "Bankruptcy" #OW

Bankruptcy is being so poor you can't pay your bills.

Bankruptcy looks like a stack of past due bills.

Bankruptcy sounds like, "Oh, I need more money."

Bankruptcy smells like desperation.

Bankruptcy feels like being to broke to poke.

Bankruptcy tastes like spam.

Rhymes with Bankruptcy: ABC, abbacy, abstinency, adequacy, addressee, advocacy, agency, accountancy, acceptancy, accuracy, apostasy, ardency, argosy, aristocracy, asea, assie, ascendancy, assessee, assis, B Baltic Sea, BBC, belligerency, big C, buoyancy, BL blatancy, BR brilliancy, CH China Sea, D Debussy, delegacy, delicacy, delinquency, democracy

Is a failure of accountancy
It's not a problem for the aristocracy
Just po' folks like you and me.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


2015 04 19 "Zoopery" #OW

Zoopery is performing experiments on animals.

Rhymes with : summary, summery, SH chicanery, chilvary, charivari, shivaree, shivery, sugary, SK sculduddery, skullduggery, SL slavery, slippery, SN snuggery, ST stingaree, T Tartary, Terpsichore, testamentary, tomfoolery, TH theory, thievery, thundery, TR transferee, tracery, treachery, trickery, trumpery, U unsavory, upholstery, V vagary, vaccary, valedictory, vapory, W waggery, watery, wintery, witchery, Y yessirree, yeomanry, usury, Z zephyry, zythepsary,

Some might call sending monkeys into space unacceptable zoopery
To blast them to where no ape has gone before strikes folks as tomfoolery.
Exiling monkeys to Mars is considered outrageous skullduggery
I don't get that upset about it -- better them than me!

Saturday, April 18, 2015


2015 04 18 "Sorcery" #OW

Sorcery is the practice of magic.

Sorcery looks like Mickey Mouse in "The Sorceror's Apprentice."

Sorcery sounds like abra cadabra.

Sorcery smells like eye of newt bubbling in a pot.

Sorcery feels like electricity on the back of your neck.

Sorcery tastes like chicken soup when you're sick.

Rhymes with Sorcery: precursory, priory, professory, prudery, R rotary, raillery, rapparee, recovery, rectory, referee, refractory, receptory, revelry, reverie, ribaldry, rivalry, robbery, roguery, rockery, rookery, rosary, rosemary, rotisserie, rudimentary, S salary, sangaree, satisfactory, savagery, savory, sectary, scenery, seigniory, senary, sensory, century, serrurerie, silvery, sirree

I'll ensnare you with my sorcery
You'll fall so in love you'll give yourself to me.
A little eye of newt, some rosemary
Love spells are simple, rudimentary
And when you yield to my seduction your lips will taste so savory!

Friday, April 17, 2015


2015 04 17 "Lottery" #OW

Lottery is a game of chance based on the luck of the draw.

Lottery looks like 6 random numbers.

Lottery sounds like an air machine pushing out random numbered balls with great force.

Lottery smells like desperation and hope.

Lottery feels like a dream that never comes true.

Lottery tastes like an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Rhymes with Lottery: quaternary, L library, lingerie, livery, luxury, lusory, M machinery, masonry, mastery, memory, mercury, minauderie, mystery, misery, mockery, mummery, N knavery, notary, nursery, O augury, honoree, P palmary, parliamentary, penury, peppery, perfumery, perfunctory, perjury, popery, potagerie, potpourri, puggree

You can't win if you don't play the lottery
Once you win all the girls wear lingerie
You live a life of luxury
Your pre-win poverty is just a bad memory.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


2015 04 16 "Fiery" #OW

Fiery is hot like a fire.

Fiery looks like a conflagration.

Fiery sounds like snap, crackle, pop.

Fiery smells like burning firewood.

Fiery feels like heat causing a wind to push against your body.

Fiery tastes like roasted, toasted marshmallows.

Rhymes with Fiery: feathery, fernery, phylactery, phyllery, finery, foppery, forestry, forgery, FL flattery, flowery, flummery, FR frippery, G gallery, gaucherie, GR grivoiserie, H heathery, heraldry, hickory, history, hostelry, husbandry, I ikary, illusory, imagery, infirmary, inlagary, injury, in re, ivory, J jamboree, gendarmery, jigamaree, jewelry, jugglery, K calorie, Calvary, caravansari, cartulary, cavalry, kedgeree, commandery, complementary, complimentary, compulsory, conferee, contradictory, contrary, corroboree, cautery

It's only fair -- I should -- WARN! -- you my temper is fiery
You best believe you should -- RUN! -- away from me.
Mark me down in the -- DANGEROUS! -- category
You mess with me -- that'll -- END! --  your history!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


2015 04 15 "Bakery" #OW

Bakery is a place where bread and other items are baked.

Bakery looks like hot crossed buns, cakes, cupcakes and croissants.

Bakery sounds like coffee cups on saucers as the pot is refilling the cup.

Bakery smells like fresh bread.

Bakery feels like a busy city with lots of customers coming and going.

Bakery tastes like cupcakes.

Rhymes with Bakery: adultery, alimentary, anniversary, archery, armory, artery, artillery, B bainmarie, Barbary, battery, beggary, bijouterie, boree, bottomry, boundary, BR bravery, bribery, brodery, broidery, CH chancery, chickaree, chicory, D debauchery, delivery, demonry, devilry, diary, directory, discovery, dissatisfactory, dissuasory, dungaree, DR drapery, drudgery, E effrontery, equerry, extempore, extrasensory, elementary, elusory, embroidery, enginery, F factory, faerie

Old Salem has a bakery
Moravian sugar bread tastes great to me
It's a good place to buy treats for a birthday or anniversary
It tastes so good it feels like debauchery!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


2015 04 14 "ASAP" #OW

ASAP is an acronym for "as soon as possible."

Rhymes with ASAP: agape, allotropy, apocope, CH chick-pea, D diacope, E entropy, epopee, escapee, F philanthropy, physianthropy, H hydrotherapy, I ISP, J jalopy, K calipee, calliope, canopy, cap-a-pie, cowpea, M metope, microscopy, misanthropy, P P, pea, pee, penotherapy, P2P, R R.S.V.P., rapee, rappee, recipe, rupee, S psychotherapy, SH charpie, T tapis, tepee, teratoscopy, topee, toupee, TH thalassotherapy, therapy, V VIP, W wampee, Y yippee, Z zomotherapy

I need to see you ASAP
Don't disregard me -- I'm a VIP
I'm the bomb and you're my little chickadee
So come and hit me up in my teepee!

Monday, April 13, 2015


2015 04 13 "Monotony" #OW

Monotony is the same thing over and over without variation.

Rhymes with Monotony: misogyny, mutiny, muttony, N knee, Mnemosyne, nominee, nominy, O optionee, P pantemone, patrimony, Persephone, petitionee, pawnee, Pawnee, PR progeny, R rani, Romany, S Saxony, symphony, simony, SH Shawnee, SKR scrutiny, ST stephane, T telegony, tiffany, Tiffany, townee, tyranny, Tuscany, TR distrainee, trainee, U oniony, V villainy, Y euphony, Euphrosyne

Sitting here all day is such monotony
I need to mix it up -- make a noise like a symphony
Get off this same sold ship -- have a mutiny
Gotta shake things up -- like my father's progeny.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


2015 04 12 "Albany" #OW

Albany is the capital city of New York City

Rhymes with Albany: A abandonee, aborigine, Agapemone, agony, accompany, alienee, aknee, anemone, Antigone, assignee, B balcony, bargainee, barony, Bimini, bouquet garni, botany, BR bryony, CH Chinee, designee, destiny, dysphony, distrainee, dominie, donee, E ebony, examinee, epiphany, F felony, G Gethsemane, GL gluttony, GW guarani, Guarani, H harmony, hegemony, I ignominy, irony, J Japanee, Germany, jinni, K cacophony, clumny, kidney, kitcheny, koine, colony, company, consignee, cottony, cushiony, KR crimsony, L laryngophony, litany, M macaroni, mahogany, Melpomene,

I've been to Manhattan but never to Albany
I'm sure the choirs there sing in harmony
And all the fancy dining rooms have tables and chairs of mahogany
And downtown during rush hour is some kind of cacophony
If I ever went there I could verify my epiphany --
but that's just not worth the hassle to me!

Saturday, April 11, 2015


2015 04 11 "Economy" #OW

The economy is the sum total of all the business, agricultural and work activity of a system.  It can also refer to working to save money.

Rhymes with : A agronomy, academy, alchemy, anatomy, anthroponomy, antimony, appendectomy, astronomy, atomy, B balsamy, bigamy, bonhomie, BL blasphemy, blossomy, D dichotomy, dittamy, deuterogamy, Deuteronomy, endogamy, enemy, epitome, F physiognomy, FL phlebotomy, I infamy, J jessamy, K confirmee, L lobotomy, M me, mi, monogamy, N neurotomy, O occamy, autonomy, P polygamy, S syntomy, sodomy, T taxonomy, teknonymy, Ptolemy, TH thermae, TR trichotomy, Z zootomy

She doesn't use two words when one will do -- she speaks with economy
She's not one to quote Bible verses, but she knows her Deuteronomy
She's friendly to everyone -- but trust me -- don't make her your enemy
She's a real self-starter -- one word I'd use to describe her is autonomy.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Duck and Run

"Duck and Run" #JSLAY

Just let me duck and run
I'm not a fighter, don't have a gun
Let me live peaceful, living free wherever I go
I'll go where I can
And I'll just be a quiet man
Maybe join the circus or the rodeo

I'll go this way or maybe that
I live free and easy like a little cat
You might be mad at me now but just let me go away

Hand me down my golden hat
And grab the winter one at that
You never know how long I'll be away

Just let me duck and run
I'm not a fighter, don't have a gun
Let me live peaceful, living free wherever I go
I'll go where I can
And I'll just be a quiet man
Maybe join the circus or the rodeo

I've been East let me go West
Don't be sad, don't be bereft
You'll prolly forget me once I've gone away
Let me go today
'Kay? 'Kay!

I'll pick myself up off the floor
I'm not the one to give ya what-for
Just the type of guy to sing my song
Sad, sad song

Just let me duck and run
I'm not a fighter, don't have a gun
Let me live peaceful, living free wherever I go
I'll go where I can
And I'll just be a quiet man
Maybe join the circus or the rodeo


2015 04 10 "Anomaly" #OW

An anomaly is an outlier, something that happens that is not expected to happen.

Rhymes with Anomaly: advisedly, alee, Annabel Lee, appellee, B bailee, belee, D diastole, E enrollee, F facsimile, FL fleur-de-lis, G Galilee, H homily, hyperbole, I infulae, Italy, J jubilee, L lapis lazuli, lee, li, libelee, M mallee, P parolee, S Cybele, Sicily, simile, systole, SH shirallee, SK skillagalee, TH Thermopylae, Thessaly

You might think my love for you is an anomaly
Or not the real thing -- just a facsimile
But I tell you true -- it's not hyperbole
I'll buy you candy -- give you flowers -- you like lapis lazuli?


2015 04 09 "Anarchy" #OW

Anarchy is chaos, freedom from the restraints of civilization.

Rhymes with Anarchy: Bacchae, CH Cherokee, G garlicky, H hillocky, hummocky, K cay, key, chi, colicky, quay, L latchkey, M maquis, Manichee, marquee, master key, monarchy, naumochy, P panicky, passkey, R raki, S synarchy, synecdoche, T turnkey, TH thelymachy, TR trochee, W Waikiki, Z xenodochy decree, Cree, cushlamochree KW? BL blandiloquy, BR breviloquy, D dentiloquy, dulciloquy, FL flexiloquy, G gastriloquy, I inauiloquy, K colloquy, M multiloquy, O obloquy, P pectoroloquy, PL pleniloquy, S sanctiloquy, soliloquy, somniloquy, ST stultiloquy, SW suaviloquy, T tolutiloquy, TR tristiloquy, V vaniloquy, veritriloquy, veriloquy

That time I had pneumonia my lungs were in anarchy
Thought I'd cough up a lung 'cause I was so colicky
Fighting for each breath made me all panicky
Till I learned to go to my happy place on the beaches of Waikiki.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015


2015 04 08 "Hehee" #OW

Hehee is the sound of laughter.

Hehee sounds like a giggle.

Rhymes with :  duty-free, enfree, fancy-free, free, heart-free, carefree, unfree  ghee, whangee, muggee, Portugee, thuggee  glee  agree, degree, disagree, filigree, grigri, mistigris, pedigree, puggree, third degree  bohea, he, takahe, tehee  whee  A agee, algae, allergy, analogy, anthropology, apogee, apology, astrology, B bacteriology, bargee, biology, burgee, D dactylology, demology, demonology, dermatology, dilogy, dyslogy, doxology, E effigy, ecology, elegy, embryology, MSG, endocrinology, energy, epistemology, ethnology, ethology, F physiology, Fuji, G galiongee, J JPG, G, gee, genealogy, geology, K cardiology, KR criminology, chronology, cryptology, L laryngology, lethargy, liturgy, M metallurgy, misology, mortgagee, morphology, mythology, N nomology, neurology, O obligee, ophthalmology, ogee, onycophagy, otology, P pathology, panurgy, perigee, pili, pongee, PL pledgee, PR prodigy, proctology, R refugee, S salvagee, psychology, psychurgy, sylloge, synergy, syzygy, sociology, SH shoji, SKW squeegee, STR strategy, T THG, telenergy, telurgy, typology, TH theurgy, TR trilogy, U eulogy, Z zymurgy, zoology

Tweedle Dum let out a little tehee,
Tweedle Dee frowned, "Why are you laughing at me?!"
Dum responded, "It's not you -- I was thinking about the squeegee!
Anyway, I'm foot loose and fancy free, so stop giving me the third degree!"

Tuesday, April 07, 2015


2015 04 07 "Flea" #OW

Flea is a tiny bug.

Flea looks like a tiny bug.

Flea sounds like a slight ringing in your ear that you're not sure is there.

Flea smells like dung.

Flea feels like a tiny bug.

Flea tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with : C.O.D., subsidy, SH Chef Boyardee, SP spondee, ST standee, TH theody, THR threnody, TR tragedy, tripody, TW Tweedledee, V vendee dree, heraldry  A ach-y-fi, anaglyphy, antistrophe, apostrophe, atrophy, B biographee, biography, D dactylography, dystrophy, E ethnography, F fee, phi, feoffee, philosophy, photography, H hagiography, J geography, K catastrophe, coryphee, KR cryptography, M misophy, P paleography, pornography, R ratafee, STR strophe, T tachygraphy, telegraphy, topography, TH theosophy, Y uranography, Z xyloglyphy, xylography, flee

Are you really trying to tell me that what you see is a flea?
What you're trying to sell me is that this flea is a reason to flee?
I think you're ignorant about topography -- don't know much about geography
'Cuz where in the world could we go that a flea won't be?!

Monday, April 06, 2015


2015 04 06 "DVD" #OW

DVD stands for digital video disc.

Rhymes with : A accidie, B BVD, B and D, bastardy, Burgundy, CH Chaldee, chickadee, D D, Dee, D.D., dipody, dispondee, WMD, F fiddlededee, fundee, GR grandee, H hymnody, I ID J jeopardy, K Chaldee, killdee, comedy, custodee, custody, L L.L.D., Lombardy, M M.D., malady, melody, monody, N Normandy, O OCD, organdy, P parody, perfidy, Ph.D., Picardy, PR prosody, R R and D, rhapsody, remedy, S psalmody

You know me -- I'm a wait for the DVD
Why spend the money to go to the theater for a lame-ass comedy
If you disagree, well, fiddledeedee
Goin' to the movie your damn self is your remedy!

Sunday, April 05, 2015


2015 04 05 "Bumblebee" #OW

Bumblebee is a small flying insect.

Bumblebee looks like a little flying bug.

Bumblebee sounds like, "Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzzzzzz!"

Bumblebee smells like flowers.

Bumblebee feels like a sharp sting.

Bumblebee tastes like honey.

Rhymes with : A advowee, amicus, curiae, arrowy, B B and E, billowy, D Danae, diploë, DR drawee, E E, F facetiae, furrowy, I interviewee, J GRE, K cooee, M meadowy, mildewy, minutiae, P payee, pillowy, R reliquiae, S sinewy, SH shadowy, W willowy A A.B., Araby, B baby, B, be, bee, B and B, bawbee, BR bribee, FR Frisbee, H honeybee, humblebee, J jacoby, jambee, GHB, K Koochahbee, KW queen bee, N Niobe, R and B, S sassaby, cenoby, SK scarabee, W wallaby blea abris, barleybree, bree, Brie, debris, vertebrae chee, chee-chee, chincherinchee, debauchee, litchi, vouchee

Beware the flight of the bumblebee!
Ask not for whom it stings!  It stingeth thee!
The bumblebee don't care that your breasts are pillowy
Just run for cover -- take it from me!

Saturday, April 04, 2015


2015 04 04 "Phantasm" #OW

A phantasm is a ghostly apparition.

Rhymes with Phantasm: demoniasm, enthusiasm, chiliasm, miasm, orgiasm, schediasm orgasm chasm, sarcasm biblioclasm, iconoclasm, cataclasm pleonasm empasm bioplasm, ectoplasm, endoplasm, cataplasm, metaplasm, neoplasm, plasm, protoplasm, cytoplasm blepharospasm, graphospasm, chirospasm, spasm

I got such a jolt -- it gave me a start when I saw that phantasm
I jumped out of my skin like I was having a muscle spasm
It took me a moment to realize it wasn't really ectoplasm
Just a cat -- and that's not sarcasm.

Friday, April 03, 2015


2015 04 03 "Corsage" #OW

Corsage is a decorative flower to be placed on the breast or wrist.

Corsage looks like a rose or daisy or whatever.

Corsage sounds like a prom invitation.

Corsage smells like a rose or daisy or whatever.

Corsage feels like teen spirit.

Corsage tastes like spinach.

Rhymes with Corsage: massage, saj, vernissage décolletage, photomontage, frottage, cabotage, curettage, matelotage, montage, potage, reportage, sabotage, taj arbitrage esclavage, gavage, lavage maquillage, torpillage

I admit I was dreaming when I gave you that corsage
Envisioning you giving me a lusty massage
Slyly shyly admiring your décolletage
But at the prom that night my fantasies were laid waste by your ex-boyfriend's sabotage.

Thursday, April 02, 2015


2015 04 02 "Garage" #OW

Garage is a place for storing or servicing motor vehicles.

Garage looks like a square building with lots of storage space.

Garage sounds like mechanics tools whirring.

Garage smells like grease and motor oil.

Garage feels like money going out of your wallet to pay the mechanic to fix your car.

Garage tastes like something you shouldn't be putting in your mouth.

Rhymes with Garage:  peage bavardage, sondage staffage camouflage, marouflage, persiflage bocage, carucage fuselage, collage, moulage badinage, cabotinage, espionage, griffonage, counterespionage, ménage découpage plage barrage, effleurage, entourage, mirage, raj, swataj

Today I avoided the garage
Replaced my brakes in the driveway and used the old pads to make a collage
Now my brakes don't squeal and my car's tricked out for espionage.
I can sneak right up behind you and join your entourage.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015


2015 04 01 "Vichyssoise" #OW

Vichyssoise is a French soup, served cold.

Vichyssoise looks like a bowl of soup.

Vichyssoise sounds like slurping as one eats it sloppily.

Vichyssoise smells like vegetables and such in broth.

Vichyssoise feels like cold water.

Vichyssoise tastes like soup.

Rhymes with Vichyssoise:  ahs, ohs and ahs the blahs mamas, mas La Paz vase

Oh, that was delicious Vichyssoise!
I could hardly contain my, "Ooohs," and, "Ahs."
It's a perfect pick-me-up when you've got the blahs.
Please, sir?  May I have some mas?