Wednesday, March 11, 2015


2015 03 11 "Vast" #OW

Vast is a wide open space.

Rhymes with Vast: opencast, outcast, overcast, PR precast, R recast, rough-cast, S simulcast, SP sportscast, T telecast, typecast, U undercast, under-caste, upcast, W wormcast KLAST iconoclast, idoloclast, classed, osteoclast, outclassed, reclassed, theoclast, unclassed LAST agelast, ballast, last, oblast, outlast, portlast MAST A amassed, D dismast, durmast, F foremast, G gynecomast, H half-mast, J jiggermast, jury mast, M mainmast, massed, mast, mizzen mast, R remassed, remast, T topmast, U unmassed, unmast NAST dynast, gymnast, nast PAST passed, past, repassed, repast, surpassed, trispast, unsurpassed PLAST leucoplast, chloroplast, metaplast, protoplast RAST harassed, pederast SAST sassed, resassed SNAST snast SPAST antispast, trispast TAST fantast, phantast, peltast TRAST contrast VAST avast, devast

The sky is vast
The blueness with clouds of white or grey or black for contrast
It's a good day for a sportscast
If your team plays my team they're sure to be outclassed.