Monday, March 23, 2015


2015 03 23 "Tophat" #OW

Tophat is formal wear, usually black and tall with a brim.

Tophat looks like something a rich dude would put on his head.

Tophat sounds like, "Putting on the Ritz."

Tophat smells like champagne and caviar.

Tophat feels like money.

Tophat tastes like felt.

Rhymes with Tophat:  dis and dat, concordat drat butterfat, fat, marrowfat aflat, flat frat begat, forgat, gat, nougat glatt hat, high-hat, sunhat, unhat B bearcat, bobcat, F fatcat, H hellcat, hepcat, K cat, kat, kitty-cat, cool cat, KR Krazy Kat, M Magnificat, meerkat, mudcat, muscat, P polecat, pussycat, R requiescat, S civet cat, T tabby cat, tipcat, tomcat, W wildcat A aristocrat, B bureaucrat, D democrat, Democrat, H hierocrat, I isocrat, J gerontocrat, gynaeocrat, M meritocrat, monocrat, nomocrat, O ochiocrat, autocrat, P pantisocrat, pornocrat, PL plutocrat, R rheocrat, T technocrat, timocrat, ptochocrat, TH theocrat lat, cervelat

Never been one to wear a tophat
You'd as likely see me wear a tabby cat
When I dress up I wear dis and date.
But you'll never mistake me for a fatcat.