Thursday, March 19, 2015


2015 03 19 "Quadruplicate" #OW

Quadruplicate means to make four copies of something.

Rhymes with : fornicate, H hypothecate, I imbricate, implicate, imprecate, improlificate, indicate, infuscate, inculcate, intoxicate, invocate, irradicate, K Californicate, canonicate, collocate, communicate, complicate, confiscate, conspurcate, corticate, coruscate, KW quintuplicate, L locate, loricate, lubricate, M masticate, medicate, mendicate, metricate, multiplicate, muricate

Three copies aint enough!  Sign that contract in quadruplicate!
Add one more -- make it quintuplicate!
If your hand gets sore, feel free to self-medicate
And then sign another one -- Why do one when you can do it in multiplicate?