Tuesday, March 10, 2015


2015 03 10 "Overcast" #OW

Overcast refers to a cloudy day when rain or other precipitation seems imminent.

Overcast looks like a sky full of dark clouds.

Overcast sounds like thunder rumbling in the distance.

Overcast smells like pre-rain.

Overcast feels like impending rain.

Overcast tastes like rain drops.

Rhymes with Overcast: opencast, outcast, PR precast, R recast, rough-cast, S simulcast, SP sportscast, T telecast, typecast, U undercast, under-caste, upcast, W wormcast KLAST iconoclast, idoloclast, classed, osteoclast, outclassed, reclassed, theoclast, unclassed LAST agelast, ballast, last, oblast, outlast, portlast MAST A amassed, D dismast, durmast, F foremast, G gynecomast, H half-mast, J jiggermast, jury mast, M mainmast, massed, mast, mizzen mast, R remassed, remast, T topmast, U unmassed, unmast

The sky is overcast
This wasn't in the forecast!
It's gonna ruin the sportscast
Not to mention the game!  It's a shame 'cause we have our opponents outclassed!