Friday, March 20, 2015


2015 03 20 "Obfuscate" #OW

To Obfuscate is to conceal.

Rhymes with : nidificate, nostrificate, authenticate, P pontificate, PL placate, PR predicate, prefabricate, prevaricate, prognosticate, R radicate, rededicate, reduplicate, relocate, resiccate, reciprocate, revindicate, rubricate, rusticate, S syllabicate, syndicate, silicate, sophisticate, suffocate, sulcate, supplicate, suricate, SK scholasticate, SP spiflicate, T tunicate, TR translocate, U urticate, V vacate, vellicate, vesicate, vindicate

I don't mean to obfuscate
My feelings -- I wish to vacate
You're hot -- you're cold -- you live to vacillate
I'll end here -- not gonna pontificate.