Monday, March 30, 2015


2015 03 30 "Maize" #OW

Maize: your people call it corn.

Maize looks like corn.

Maize sounds like corn.

Maize smells like corn.

Maize feels like corn.

Maize tastes like corn.

Rhymes with : Bordelaise, lase, lays, laze, malaise, amaze, bemaze, maze, mizmaze, wondermaze béarnaise, lyonnaise, mayonnaise, naze, polonaise A appraise, B bepraise, D dispraise, O overpraise, KR chrysoprase, PR praise, prase, R reappraise, repraise, S self-praise, U underpraise, unpraise E erase, x-rays, G gamma rays, M morays, mores, R raise, rase, rays, raze, reraise, rerase, reraze, U unraise, unrase, unraze, upraise écossaise chaise stays vase edgeways, endways, lengthways, leastways, longways, always, sideways,wase, ways Marseillaise

Back in the good old days I'd enjoy some Maize
on the cobb -- oh, I'd sing in praise
of Maize even while I'd disparage mayonnaise
for its high calorie count, but now I've mayo's a good source of protein so I've had to reappraise
and now you'll find both Maize AND Mayonnaise in my salad these days.