Thursday, March 05, 2015


2015 03 05 "Mainmast"  #OW

Mainmast is the piece of wood or metal or the like that holds the largest sail on a boat (it can hold other sails as well)

Mainmast looks like a large pole.

Mainmast sounds like wood bending and creaking in the breeze.

Mainmast smells like salt water.

Mainmast feels like a mighty oak.

Mainmast tastes like wood or metal.

Rhymes with Mainmast: opencast, outcast, overcast, PR precast, R recast, rough-cast, S simulcast, SP sportscast, T telecast, typecast, U undercast, under-caste, upcast, W wormcast KLAST iconoclast, idoloclast, classed, osteoclast, outclassed, reclassed, theoclast, unclassed LAST agelast, ballast, last, oblast, outlast, portlast MAST A amassed, D dismast, durmast, F foremast, G gynecomast, H half-mast, J jiggermast, jury mast, massed, mast, mizzen mast, R remassed, remast, T topmast, U unmassed, unmast NAST dynast, gymnast, nast PAST passed, past, repassed, repast, surpassed, trispast, unsurpassed PLAST leucoplast, chloroplast, metaplast, protoplast RAST harassed, pederast SAST sassed, resassed SNAST snast SPAST antispast, trispast TAST fantast, phantast, peltast TRAST contrast VAST avast, devast, vast

Run the sail up the mainmast
We'll sail this ocean no matter how vast
I like to feel the wind blow -- I like to go fast
I love rough seas and the skies overcast!