Sunday, March 22, 2015


2015 03 22 "Lariat" #OW

Lariat is a rope used to lasso sheep or goats or bad guys in the Wild West.

Lariat looks like Wonder Woman's golden lasso.

Lariat sounds like, "Hee-yaw!"

Lariat smells like the great outdoors.

Lariat feels like thick string crushing your ribs.

Lariat tastes like rope.

Rhymes with : A at, D Duat, H hereat, HW whereat, K caveat, commissariat, KR croat, PR proletariat, S salariat, secretariat, TH thereat A acrobat, B bat, bullbat, BR brickbat, D dingbat, E esbat, FL flitterbat, FR fruitbat, H hurlbat, K combat, N numbat, S sabbat, W wombat blat brat, firebrat backchat, chat, chitchat, fallowchat, furze-chat, grasschat, whinchat, stonechat, woodchat, waterchat, yellow-breasted chat

Careful with that lariat
Your opponent might come at you with a baseball bat.
Or you could get a reputation as a rope-wieldin' brat
Don't start none won't be none -- face it, you're not made for combat.