Friday, March 27, 2015


2015 03 27 "Grave" #OW

Grave is a place to bury a body.

Grave looks like a rectangular hole in the ground or a plot of grass with a marker.

Grave sounds like a scary Halloween record.

Grave smells like dirt and worms.

Grave feels like death.

Grave tastes like ashes.

Rhymes with Grave:  brave, outbrave forgave, gave, misgave glaive, portglaive burgrave, engrave, photograve, ingrave, landgrave, margrave, ungrave, waldgrave behave, misbehave biconcave, encave, concave, cave angusticlave, exclave, enclave, conclave, autoclave crave quave

I watched them put you in your grave
I didn't run away -- I stuck around -- I was brave
I remembered that time I hurt you -- so glad you forgave
But it's so hard to go on -- just want to lie in a cave.