Wednesday, March 18, 2015


2015 03 18 "Grate" #OW

Grate refers to a covering, such as a grill cover or sewer grate, which allows liquids and small items to pass through, but keeps larger items out.

Grate looks like small metal bars.

Grate sounds like water draining into the sewer.

Grate smells like leaves and trash.

Grate feels like hard metal meant to keep you out of the sewer.

Grate tastes like something you shouldn't put in your mouth.

Rhymes with Grate: denigrate, disintegrate, emigrate, great, immigrate, ingrate, integrate, migrate, redintegrate, regrate, transmigrate hate, self-hate A abdicate, ablocate, adjudicate, advocate, allocate, altercate, applicate, apricate, B bifurcate, bisulcate, D dedicate, defecate, decorticate, delicate, demarcate, deprecate, desecate, desiccate, detoxicate, diagnosticate, dislocate, divaricate, domesticate, duplicate, E educate, excommunicate, expiscate, explicate, exsiccate, extricate, equivocate, elasticate, embrocate, eradicate

I tripped and would have fallen into the sewer if it weren't for that grate
I appreciate that grate -- I think it's great!
I hope that all the sewers of the world share that grate's duplicate
If your king's too cheap to install grates that fool should abdicate!