Friday, March 13, 2015


2015 03 13 "Graduate" #OW

Graduate is a person who completes a course of study (for example, high school or college).

Graduate looks like a dork wearing a dress and a square hat with a ribbon on it.

Graduate sounds like, "Oh!  My student loan debt is killing me!"

Graduate smells like teen spirit.

Graduate feels like a sense of accomplishment.

Graduate tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Graduate: effectuate, exfodiate, exfoliate, excalceate, excruciate, expropriate, enucleate, enunciate, eradiate, evacuate, evaluate, eventuate, excoriate, expatiate, expatriate, expiate, extenuate, exuviate, F fasciate, figure-eight, filiate, foliate, FL floriate, fluctuate, FR free-associate, fructuate, GL gladiate, glaciate

Oh, look at that graduate
Who went to school and learned to enunciate
Now she can draw a figure-eight
When she's spitting rhymes she likes to free-associate