Saturday, March 07, 2015


2015 03 07 "Freckle-faced" #OW

Freckle-faced refers to someone with freckles on their face.

Freckle-faced looks like the Big Dipper or whatever else you can find if you play connect the dots.

Freckle-faced sounds like a whiner: "Oh!  I have freckles on my face!  Boo hoo!"

Freckle-faced smells like flesh.

Freckle-faced feels like flesh.

Freckle-faced tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Freckle-faced: H hard-faced, hatchetfaced,
horse-faced, HW whey-faced, J
Janus-faced, KL clean-faced, L lean-faced,
lily-faced, M mottle-faced, P pale-faced,
paper-faced, pie-faced, pickle-faced, pimple-
faced, pippin-faced, pudding-faced,
pug-faced, PL platter-faced, plump-faced,
R refaced, S spoon-faced, SH shamefaced,
shitfaced, SM smooth-faced, smug-faced, T
tallow-faced, two-faced, TR triple-faced,
U undefaced, unshamefaced, V vinegarfaced,
W weasel-faced, wizen-faced

Don't worry that you're freckle-faced
You'll have bigger problems when you're wizen-faced
When you're a teen you were pimple-faced
Just edit your selfies in Photoshop till your freckles are erased...