Tuesday, March 17, 2015


2015 03 17 "Fate" #OW

Fate is an abstract concept relating to one's future or destiny.

Fate looks like Scrooge's tombstone in "A Christmas Carol."

Fate sounds like the end of the line.

Fate smells like the musk of the grave.

Fate feels like a theater curtain dropping hard.

Fate tastes like dirt and marble.

Rhymes with : dehydrate, fete, caliphate deflate, efflate, inflate, conflate, sufflate affreight, freight  A ablegate, abnegate, abrogate, aggregate, arrogate, B billingsgate, D delegate,derogate, desegregate, disgregate, divagate, E expurgate, extravagate, erugate, F fumigate, fustigate, FL floodgate, G gait, gate, H homologate, I instigate, interrogate, investigate, irrigate, irrugate, K castigate, colligate, congregate, conjugate, corrugate, L levigate, litigate, M mitigate, N navigate, negate, O objurgate, obligate, obrogate, PR promulgate, propagate, R relegate, religate, runagate, S seagate, segregate, sejugate, circumnavigate, subjugate, subrogate, suffumigate, supererogate, T tailgate, V variegate, vitiligate, vulgate, W Watergate

Just lie back and accept your Fate
It's far too late to negotiate
This is an issue you cannot circumnavigate
You're pregnant, girl, and your cervix is fixin' to dilate...