Wednesday, March 04, 2015


2015 03 04 "Enthusiast" #OW

An enthusiast is someone who really likes something.

Rhymes with Enthusiast: AST bucoliast, ecdysiast, ecclesiast, elegiast, encomiast, gymnasiast, orgiast, scholiast, symposiast, cineast, tight-assed BAST bast, bombast BLAST blast, erythroblast, counterblast, lymphoblast, mesoblast, neuroblast, osteoblast, sandblast, stormblast DAST dast FAST Belfast, breakfast, emberfast, fast, handfast, headfast, holdfast, colorfast, makefast, sitfast, sunfast, steadfast, unfast FRAST metaphrast, paraphrast GAST aghast, flabbergast, gassed, gast HAST hast KAST BR broadcast, D dicast, die-cast, downcast, F forecast, H half-caste, highcaste, K cablecast, cast, caste, L low-caste, M miscast, molecast, N newscast,

When it comes to you I'm an enthusiast
I'm telling you straight-up, with no bombast
You and me together making things great is my forecast
I'll be your faithful friend forever steadfast