Thursday, March 12, 2015


2015 03 12 "Eight" #OW

Eight is the numeral after seven and before nine.

Eight  looks like 8.

Eight sounds like, "aayt."

Eight smells like twice as much as four.

Eight feels like infinity if it falls over.

Eight tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Eight: A ate, ait, eyot, abbreviate, absinthiate, affiliate, accentuate, actuate, aculeate, alleviate, ammoniate, ampliate, annunciate, appreciate, appropriate, asphyxiate, associate, attenuate, aviate, B benzoate, bifoliate, BR brachiate, D debulliate, defoliate, delineate, denunciate, depreciate, deviate, differentiate, dimidiate, disaffiliate, disambiguate, disassociate, discalceate, dissociate

To buy low and sell high say you buy at eight
Be patient let the stock go higher, son -- wait!
But if the market turns against you sell -- don't let it depreciate!
When you make your fortune my advice you will appreciate.