Friday, March 06, 2015


2015 03 06 "Eight" #OW

Eight is the numeral after seven and before nine.

Eight looks like xxxxxxxx

Eight sounds like "ate".

Eight smells like whatever 8 of a particular thing smells like.

Eight feels like 2/3 of a dozen.

Eight tastes like too much for one meal.

Rhymes with Eight: A ate, ait, eyot, abbreviate,
absinthiate, affiliate, accentuate, actuate,
aculeate, alleviate, ammoniate, ampliate,
annunciate, appreciate, appropriate,
asphyxiate, associate, attenuate, aviate,
B benzoate, bifoliate, BR brachiate, D
debulliate, defoliate, delineate, denunciate,
depreciate, deviate, differentiate,
dimidiate, disaffiliate, disambiguate,
disassociate, discalceate, dissociate, E
effectuate, exfodiate, exfoliate, excalceate,
excruciate, expropriate, enucleate, enunciate,
eradiate, evacuate, evaluate, eventuate,
excoriate, expatiate, expatriate,
expiate, extenuate, exuviate, F fasciate,
figure-eight, filiate, foliate, FL floriate,
fluctuate, FR free-associate, fructuate,
GL gladiate, glaciate, GR graduate

There are so few songs about the number eight
There should be more -- "8 Days a Week" is So Great!
Maybe I'll add to the list after I free-associate
Come up with seven more song titles to enumerate...