Monday, March 09, 2015


2015 03 09 "Ecdysiast" #OW

Ecdysiast is a pole dancer.

Ecdysiast looks like a beautiful young woman dancing around a pole.

Ecdysiast sounds like "brown-chicken-brown-cow."

Ecdysiast smells like sweat and perfume.

Ecdysiast feels like the gyrations of the bass.

Ecdysiast tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Ecdysiast: AST bucoliast, ecclesiast, elegiast, encomiast, enthusiast, gymnasiast, orgiast, scholiast, symposiast, cineast, tight-assed BAST bast, bombast BLAST blast, erythroblast, counterblast, lymphoblast, mesoblast, neuroblast, osteoblast, sandblast, stormblast DAST dast FAST Belfast, breakfast, emberfast, fast, handfast, headfast, holdfast, colorfast, makefast, sitfast, sunfast, steadfast, unfast FNAST fnast FRAST metaphrast, paraphrast GAST aghast, flabbergast, gassed, gast HAST hast KAST BR broadcast, D dicast, die-cast, downcast, F forecast, H half-caste, highcaste, K cablecast, cast, caste, L low-caste, M miscast, molecast, N newscast

Oh, what a lovely Ecdysiast!
She'd look good leading the local newscast.
She's so fit she could be a gymnast
When it comes to her I'm an enthusiast!