Saturday, March 21, 2015


2015 03 21 "Crate" #OW


Crate looks like

Crate sounds like

Crate smells like

Crate feels like

Crate tastes like

Rhymes with : deconsecrate, desecrate, execrate, consecrate, obsecrate, krait, recrate, uncrate antiquate, equate, liquate, torquate  A absquatulate, adulate, accumulate,alveolate, ambulate, angulate, annihilate, annulate, apostolate, articulate, assibilate, acidulate, assimilate, B barbellate, belate, bimaculate, binoculate, D deescalate, defloculate, decollate, delate, depilate, depopulate, depucelate, desolate, dilate, disarticulate, discombobulate, dissimilate, dissimulate, E ejaculate, exoculate, expostulate, exsibilate, extrapolate, exungulate, elate, emasculate, emulate, encapsulate, epilate, escalate, ethylate, etiolate, F faveolate, fellate, phenolate, foliolate, formulate, funambulate

I found an old shoe in a crate
If I'd only found it's mate that would have been great
I salvaged the lace and threw the shoe I way but one lace seems desolate
I'm working on a plane for that one lace -- and when I formulate it that's a plan the world will want to emulate.