Saturday, March 14, 2015


2015 03 14 "Crate" #OW

Crate is a container (usually wooden) for storing stuff, usually for transport.

Crate looks like a box.

Crate sounds like wood dropping on the floor with stuff jostling around inside.

Crate smells like wood and whatever is being stored.

Crate feels like a solid box, though some crates are flimsy.

Crate tastes like oranges or tangerines or whatever other produce is in the crate.

Rhymes with Crate: habituate, humiliate, I ideate, immateriate, impropriate, inchoate, increate, individuate, inebriate, infatuate, infuriate, ingratiate, initiate, insatiate, insinuate, insantiate, irradiate, K chalybeate, calumniate, caseate, cochleate, conciliate, consociate, KR create, KW quadrifoliate, L labiate, laciniate, lixiviate, lineolate, licentiate, luxuriate, M maleate, marsupiate, mediate, menstruate, miscreate, N negotiate, nauseate, novitiate, nucleate, O obganiate, obviate, officiate, oleate

I dropped the crate
That's just great! 
The bottle of booze I broke was gonna help me inebriate
Myself -- the drunken haze is what I need to help me create!