Thursday, March 26, 2015


2015 03 26 "Bath" #OW

Bath is a means of cleaning oneself, usually in a tub of water.

Bath looks like a big white tub full of water and maybe bubbles.

Bath sounds like water splashing.

Bath smells like soap and shampoo.

Bath feels like heat or cold, depending on the temperature of the water, plus the slimy feel of the soap suds as you slather your body and hair.

Bath tastes like soapy water.  Yuch!

Rhymes with Bath:  Gath hath lath aftermath, philomath, math, opsimath, polymath chaetognath, plectognath allopath, bridle path, footpath, physiopath, homeopath, naturopath, neuropath, osteopath, path, psychopath, sociopath rath, wrath snath

I'm saving up the hot water to take a hot bath
Don't use up my hot water unless you like Grapes -- Grapes of Wrath!
Surely your life would be forever changed in the after math
Check yourself before you wreck yourself -- take another path!