Monday, March 16, 2015


2015 03 16 "Bait" #OW

Bait is something you use to attract a predator, such as a worm to catch fish.

Bait looks like a worm or tasty grubs.

Bait sounds like the screams that a worm makes when you place it on hook.

Bait smells like dirt and wet slime.

Bait feels like a wriggly worm.

Bait tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Bait:  A abate, approbate, acerbate, B bait, bate, bilobate, hypnobate, D debate, E exacerbate, HW whitebait, I incubate, K cohobate, conglobate, KR crowbait, L lowbait, M makebate, masturbate, PR probate, rebate, reprobate, S celibate, ST stereobate, stylobate  blate  elucubrate, invertebrate, calibrate, lucubrate, obtenebrate, palpebrate, celebrate, cerebrate, vertebrate  A accommodate, afterdate, antedate, BL blind date, D date, decaudate, denudate, depredate, dilapidate, double date, Dutch date, E exheredate, elucidate, FL fluoridate, GR gradate, I ingravidate, inlapidate, interdate, intimidate, inundate, invalidate, K candidate, consolidate, cuspidate, KL chlamydate, L lapidate, liquidate, M misdate, O oxidate, outdate, P postdate, PR predate, R redate, rhipidate, S sedate, V validate, vanadate

I baited my hook with fresh bait
Now I just sit back and wait
Now about the best way to catch a fish some folks will debate
But I'm just here chillin', all relaxed and sedate.