Sunday, March 08, 2015


2015 03 08 "After-taste" #OW

After-taste is the taste that remains after you consume food or drink (usually from artificial sweeteners or substandard ingredients).

After-taste looks like Tab or Fresca or some other diet soda from the 70s.

After-taste sounds like, "Yuck!  That's awful!"

After-taste smells like poor quality ingredients.

After-taste feels like a burn in the back of your throat.

After-taste tastes like a misguided echo of the food or drink you WISH you were consuming.

Rhymes with After-taste: disgraced, graced, undisgraced, ungraced, well-graced haste, posthaste encased, cased, uncased enlaced, interlaced, laced, relaced, straitlaced, unlaced grimaced impaste, leaden-paced, outpaced, paced, paste, slow-paced, snail-paced, toothpaste, thorough-paced displaced, misplaced, placed, replaced, unplaced snaste interspaced, spaced, respaced, unspaced distaste, foretaste, taste retraced, traced, untraced pantywaist, waist, waste

Gah!  I can't stand that aftertaste!
Quick! Bring me some toothpaste.
I'm throwing this crap out -- don't tell me about waste!
Don't tell me about weight-loss benefits -- I'd rather have real sugar around my waist.