Friday, February 06, 2015

You're Someone Who Likes to Frown

"You're Someone Who Likes to Frown" #JSLAY

Sometimes being with you is such a chore
Like that raven quoting, "Nevermore"
You're never up, you're always down
Sometimes I wonder why I keep you around
You're someone who likes to frown

You're so pretty -- you look so fine
Once I wanted you to be my Valentine
But lately all you do is whine
You're such a buzz kill that you bring me down
You're someone who likes to frown

Yes, it's getting old
So let me tell you, let me be so bold
When you're happy you're more fun to hold
This is what you should do
Think back on whatever most pleases you
There's so much more to life than feeling blue

You can be happy, oh, I'm so sure
Despite the trials and tribulations you'll endure
Life goes so fast it seems a blur
It just makes me wonder how
You're someone who likes to frown

Some say when you hear the call
It inspires you, helps you give your all
And when you do your best then you can stand tall
And if that's true
Things will surely go well for you
So please make your frown go away
And show me your pretty smile today

Things will be brighter if you do as I say
Don't question why, girl, just obey
You can get up, don't have to be down
You leave your dreary wasteland and join us in Happy Town
You don't have to be the girl who likes to frown