Tuesday, February 10, 2015


2015 02 10 "Stair" #OW

Stair is a means of ascending from one level to another. |_

Stair looks like |_

Stair sounds like your feeting clomping if you're wearing heavy boots or your socks sliding.

Stair smells like the bottom of people's feet or the soles of their shoes.

Stair feels like the warmth of the carpet or the cold of the wood against your bare feet on a cold morning.

Stair tastes like wood and dirt.

Rhymes with Stair:  despair, spare backstair, front stair, cocklestair, outstare, spiral stair, stare, upstare forswear, outswear, sware, swear, unswear parterre, pied-à-terre, proletaire, solitaire, tare, tear, up-tear, Voltaire their, there  revers, vair, vare  A aware, B beware, D Delaware, E earthenware, F firmware, footwear, GL glassware, H hardware, hornware, L liveware, M menswear, N neckwear, nightwear, O outwear, overwear, R rainwear, redware, S silverware, software, SP sportswear, ST stemware, stoneware, T tableware, tinware, TR treenware, U unaware, underwear, W ware, wear  Gruyère, tuyère, mamelière, meunière, yair, yare misère étagère, fourragère

As I climb the stair
I try to beware
Or be aware
And not to fall into despair
When I'm done with the stair I like to sit in my chair.