Saturday, February 14, 2015


2015 02 14 "Repaired" #OW

Repaired means fixed or mended.

Rhymes with Repaired:  aired, heired, co-heired, un-heired bared, rebared, unbared chaired, rechaired, unchaired dared, redared, undared fared flared, reflared BL black-haired, blond-haired, F fair-haired, G golden-haired, GR grayhaired, K curly-haired, R raven-haired, red-haired, S silver-haired, ST straighthaired, T Titian-haired, cared, uncared declared, redeclared, undeclared laird, laired impaired, paired, prepared, unimpaired, unpaired, unprepared, unrepaired reshared, shared, unshared ensnared, snared despaired, spared, unspared stared, outstared

What once was broken has been repaired
It took guts to do it but I'm the one who dared
Folks said I couldn't do it but I came prepared
When people say, "Hey, who fixed it?" just point at me and say, "Him -- the handsome dude who's fair-haired!"