Saturday, February 28, 2015


2015 02 28 "Mask" #OW

Mask is a device for disguising ones facial features.

Mask looks like any number of strange and wonderful beings, from the Mummy to Frankenstein to Spider-Man to William Shatner, to whatever political figure happens to be in the news that year.

Mask sounds like your breath trying to make its way through small holes in plastic.

Mask smells like cheap plastic.

Mask feels like being partially smothered as you try to get your fill of Halloween candy.

Mask tastes like Halloween candy.

Rhymes with Mask: ASK ask BASK bask, Basque FLASK flask, hip flask, powder flask HASK hask KASK cask, casque, watercask MASK antimask, antimasque, antic-mask, antic-masque, bemask, masque, remask, unmask TASK overtask, task

I have to ask why you chose that mask
You look like a wino -- wonder where you hid your flask
You could be the Red Death at that famous masque
Clean yourself up -- you look awful -- that's your task!