Sunday, February 08, 2015


2015 02 08 "Lagniappe" #OW

Lagniappe is a little something extra that a business owner gives his customers.

Lagniappe looks like a book of matches or a pen with a company logo or a signed copy of a mini-poster for a novel by your favorite author or the toy surprise in your box of Cracker Jacks.

Lagniappe sounds like, "Lanny Yap."

Lagniappe smells like paper or plastic.

Lagniappe feels like a little bit of extra love from someone genuinely grateful for your custom or an empty gesture from a hollow corporation.

Lagniappe tastes like paper or plastic.

Rhymes with Lagniappe: SLAP backslap, reslap, slap SNAP resnap, snap, unsnap STRAP bestrap, blackstrap, checkstrap, jockstrap, restrap, shoulder strap, strap, unstrap, watchstrap TAP heel tap, retap, tap, water tap TRAP D deathtrap, E entrap, F firetrap, FL fleatrap, flytrap, KL claptrap, M mantrap, mousetrap, R rat trap, rattletrap, S SUN TRAP, TR trap, untrap WAP WAP yap, yapp ZAP zap

Not familiar with lagniappe?
It's nothing fancy -- just a trinket or a piece of crap
But if it's a signed poster from your favorite author it'll give you a zap
Don't bother complaining that your "toy surprise" is just a piece of paper -- shut your trap!