Friday, February 06, 2015


2015 02 06 "Grape" #OW

Grapes grow on vines and come in a variety of colors, including purple and green.  Grapes may be made into wine or into raisins.

Grape looks like a little ball.

Grape sounds like grapes squishing between your toes as you make wine.

Grape smells like a fruity little ball of flavor.

Grape feels like little slimy balls that are fragile and release their juices if you squeeze them.

Grape tastes like wine or Grape Ne-hi

Rhymes with : ape, naked ape chape bedrape, drape, undrape agape, gape graip, grape jape escape, fire escape, cape, uncape crape, crepe nape pape  boomrape, rape  misshape, reshape, shape, shipshape, transshape, unshape S escape, inscape, cloudscape, landscape, seascape, scape, skyscape, townscape, waterscape rescrape, scrape S swape  nametape, audiotape, red-tape, tape, untape, videotape trape

Thanks for offering me a grape
Grapes are healthy and make me feel shipshape
When I eat them I feel like a naked ape
Oh, I'm addicted to grapes -- I can't escape!